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Charity Dog Wash

Charity Dog Wash

Posted in [WRVMC], [Announcements] By Ashley Fillippa

Wellborn Road Veterinary Medical Center has been providing veterinary services for the Brazos Valley for over 10 years now. We have elected to do a fundraiser for the Brazos Animal Shelter. The fundraiser is a Dog Wash for donations only on March 31st. All of the proceeds will go directly to them. The shelter will be bringing out animals for adoption during the event. Wellborn Road will give a gift to every family that adopts a pet during the event. We are having a "Most Photogenic" pet photo contest. The entry photos will be accepted now - March 25th and the winner will be announced at the event with prizes from us given to the top 3 photo winners. Please send the entries to our email address: Also, please include your pet's name, your first and last name, and contact information. No limit on the number of entries per household but ONLY 1 PHOTO PER PET, please :) For more information on the event as well as the Photo Contest please visit our Facebook page.

The Brazos Animal Shelter is an organization that works on assisting in locating and providing owners for abandoned and/or lost pets. Our clinic has been working with the BAS since 1993. We perform discounted spays and neuters on the animals for the proud new owners, as well as treating patients that have been diagnosed with Heartworm Disease. We also perform free exams with the presentation of a “Free Exam Coupon” from the BAS on the newly adopted pets. The Brazos Animal Shelter does the job of providing the County Tags, which are mandated, for every pet to be registered residing in Brazos County. The county tags are to ensure the safety and proper location of your pets. Not only do the county tags assist in locating your lost or stolen pet, but the county will then also help financially if your pet were to be injured while they are missing.

We are still in the beginning stages, but hope to have more ideas to add our event. We also plan to do this for the shelter every year; in hopes of it growing as an annual fundraiser and community event as well. Our goal is to raise at least $1500 for the shelter. With everyone's help we know we could make this event an unforgettable experience for not only our staff, but the community as well.

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